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Download 3 Windows 8 Inspired Themes for Windows 7

Windows 8 RTM comes with plenty of new wallpapers . Which looks good & most of Windows 7 users want to use them . 7 Tutorials made three wonderful themes using the various wallpaper and lock screen images found in the RTM build of Windows 8. (more…)


Replace Windows 7 system files easily with Windows Se7en File Replacer

To customize windows user need to edit or replace a system file . Which requires to take ownership of that file , stop the process using it , so it can be replaced .
We already posted about add Take Ownership option in right click menu here
But Windows Se7en File Replacer is a nice little 3rd party application (more…)

Download Saplings Theme For Windows 7

A”Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”—but it’s kind of hard to believe when you look at the tiny sprouts in this free Windows 7 theme! (more…)

Download German Landscapes Theme For Windows 7

A rustic cabin under a rich carpet of stars, a weathered bridge over a country stream, (more…)

Download Germany: Mountains to Sea Theme For Windows 7

The rural beauty of Germany comes through every image shot by photographer Mathias Rehberg. (more…)

Download Furry Families Theme For Windows 7

Celebrate Mothers Day with Furry Families theme from Microsoft .

Modify or remove Windows 8 CP Watermark

Windows 8 Consumer Preview have Watermark on desktop . And most of users dislike it & want to remove it completely or change it. My WCP Watermark Editor is a small tool using which one can modify or remove the Watermark. (more…)

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