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Archive for March, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Released

Mozilla has updated Firefox to version 11.0

Following are changes/new features in this version

Firefox can now migrate your bookmarks, history, and cookies from Google Chrome
With Sync enabled, add-ons can now be synchronized across your computers
The CSS text-size-adjust property is now supported (more…)


Get Start Button & Start Menu in Windows 8 using Start8

Start menu is a feature which is used number of times in a day by users . But in the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview , Microsoft has removed it . Stardock is providing a free software “Start8” which brings back Start button and Start Menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Add “Take Ownership” Option to File or Folder Context Menu

When we want to customize Windows and need to replace existing system files with a new one. We need to take ownership of a file or folder . Which is done by following number of steps to grant ourself premission to replace a file or folder . (more…)

Google Chrome Version 17.0.963.65 Released.

Google has upgraded its web browser Chrome’s stable version to 17.0.963.65
This new version fixes a number of issues & contains a number of new features. (more…)

Shortcut Keys for Windows 8

Hotkeys are used many times by users to perform a certain task , if they know the shortcut key combination .
So here are the shortcut keys for Windows 8 with the task they perform .

Windows key : Brings up the Metro start screen.

Win + D : Show the desktop .

Win + C : Open the Charms menu, where you can search, share, and change settings .

How to Access Setting Pannel in Windows 8

Settings panel is one of the newly introduced feature of Windows 8 .

With it user can perform following task :

Change writing language

Adjust volume

Shut down / Restart windows


Get Start Button in Windows 8 using Vistart

As we know Start Button has been removed from Windows 8 Consumer Preview by Microsoft . So it is difficult for the new users to access their favourite programs . (more…)

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