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Archive for December, 2011

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows 7

From some time a news is around that Facebook was working on a chat client for Windows 7 platform, and that it would be made available some time soon. But untill now official version was not available for public to try to use it. But you can download official Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 from the link given below.



Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 Released

Mozilla has updated its web browser Firefox to version 9.0.1
With following changes:
Added Type Inference, significantly improving JavaScript performance

Why JustNC got freezed ?

From last 3 month due to no new post we got several messages asking ” Why JustNC got freezed ? ”
All readers friend i am sorry for not updating you with any post , as i got busy in the struggle after completing my graduation . But from now on i will not make you sad , will continue posting , So stay tuned .

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